VijuSoft software

Image Plus

ImagePlus is simple and powerful image browser and organizer. This program offers following features.

Image plus
  • You can zoom in/out image using mouse wheel.
  • Offers drag and drop user interface.
  • Supports not only EPS, PSD but also multiple page PDF.
  • Offers very simple and fast way to organize files called 'Collection'.
  • You can scale thumbnail freely.
  • This program made of Cocoa.
  • This program made of Cocoa.

    • Move Screen Saver

      This is software designed to utilize moving pictures such as home video, flash animation, advertisement, and cinema movies as a screensaver. And you can take the latest trailers as a screensaver automatically from Apple trailers site. The play list function enables to play several movies in order. The playlist is friendly and convenient for users. Also, the 'Random Position' and 'Bounce' function enables to play movies randomly and perform an interesting and dynamic screen saver.

      We are sorry, but Image Plus and Movie Screen Saver are out of business.